Contains images of stickers

GG Bobo

This is the second GG Allin Sticker I made (that’s enough I think), I just loved the joke and it’s a tribute to @bobojugend, an artist from Berlin who does several stickers with DJ Bobo photoshopped on them.


During the pandemic I started getting into the YuGiOh card game, and played a lot of goat format online. That lead to the idea for  YuGiOh themed sticker.


My first drug related sticker. The “Seepferdchen” (Sea horse) is a patch for your swimming clothes that kids get for doing a swim test. “Schneepferchen” is a variation that means “Snow Horse”. This idea randomly came to my mind, and I recreated the original “Seepferdchen”-Logo from a picture, since I couldnt find a digital version …

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LOVE Sticker

I wanted to spread positive messages with my stickers, an ACAB Sticker would have been easy, but I decided to design this beautiful Sticker. Fun Fact: I drew the hearts with a big Edding (Sharpie) on paper, took pictures and then increased the contrast and duplicated and scaled them.