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A quick online multiplayer shooter with all content generated by AI. The images are generated by midjourney, Names, Layout Decisions and Concept have been created by ChatGPT and sounds were generated from Melobytes. Even this description was generated through AI .. like most stuff on this website propably, or maybe not? :O

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Welcome to our exciting Mills/9MensMorris boardgame simulation! This incredible game offers you a completely immersive and engaging experience, with stunning 3D effects that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the game or a newcomer who’s just looking for some fun, you’re sure …

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Orbit Of Pain

Greetings! I am excited to share with you a minigame that I have created with the help of Unity Engine and WebGL. This game was developed to test out the limits and capabilities of these fantastic tools and it has resulted in an exciting and engaging gameplay experience. The game in itself is a simple …

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