What should I say?

It’s night, nearly 1 am and I finally found time for this, it’s a busy life you know. I wondered today, what other people do to this ball after drinking their mozzarella. Can’t they just remove it in the factory, they would fit much more in the package that way. Anyway this was not supposed to become a food blog, but who knows.


A thought is a fascinating concept. It emerges from nothing, and once we notice it, it has already taken shape. Knowing it has a shape, a thought still needs to be thought about to investigate this shape. During this process the pure complexity reveals, and the deeper the investigation, the more endless rabbit hole of further thoughts opens.


As I’m doing right now, I would like to share some more of my thoughts with you. For some the investigation is already advanced further, some I just opened and found worthy sharing, like the mozzarella thing. In times in which AI is rapidly evolving and taking over nearly every aspect of our life, I try to keep these Blog-Posts AI-free. I think authentically human made content, with all it’s flaws, misspelling and bad english and bulky sentences, is something people will appreciate even more in near future, when perfectly written over-authentic content is found everywhere. This is contrary to my general enthusiasm about AI content that you can find all over the rest of my site.


Anyway I hope you enjoy draining from my thoughts, and if you are reading this post in far future to catch up with my blog since it exploded and went crazily viral …. I knew it!!




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