Kein Sex Für Nazis Sticker

By far the most famous of them and a fun story behind it. This design was originally painted on a sign on the Spruuuuz Festival in Neuses. We were decorating for the festival and painting signs for toilets, bar and so on. At the end we didnt need any signs but still had boards and color, so we painted random ones. This one I painted with a friend of mine. Then after my first stickers I wanted to make one that’s more “artistic” than just text. So I looked through old photos if I find something to play with, found this and edited it in GIMP. The result is this famous sticker that rapidly spread in the sticker community and around my friends.


Though I’m proud of the publicity this sticker has raised, I’m not perfectly happy with it’s message. As mentioned before, I want to spread stickers that have a positive message, and still it’s the one that hates against people that get’s the most recogintion and attention.


Still I think there are worse groups of people to wish bad things to 😉

The original Image I created the Sticker from.

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