Stickers are a great peace of culture. Some call it Vandalism, but it's just a great feeling visiting a city and spotting stickers from people you know, or even your own.
And I think a blank lamp post just looks much more boring than a lamp post with some stories on it.

I design my own stickers, and I'm always happy to sell or trade some. Just write me a message on Instagram!

My sticker guidelines

I don't want to restrict anyone, but these are my guidelines for "good slapping".

Don't litter

Always take your holders (the back of each sticker) with you and don't just throw them on the ground.

Don't cover other stickers

Everyone has a right to spread their art. If a nice spot is taken, you'll find another one!

Be Nice

Place your stickers wherever you think it's okay, but try not to piss people off by slapping their stuff.


Schneepferdchen Sticker

I'm sure you know one! :P

Grosse Koalition Sticker
Grosse Koalition

Not even Germans will understand ... ;D

Kein Sex Fuer Nazis Sticker
Kein Sex für Nazis

Originally painted as a sign for a party.

LOVE Sticker

Spread some Love in your Neighbourhood! <3

Fuck Cops but gently and with condom Sticker
Fuck Cops

but gently, and with condom! :)


Pacifism kicks Ass!! ;)

And many more. Just text me!

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