Walking the Wires animation


I played around with different Game Engines, Game Builders and Languages. It's all no crazy stuff, but it's HANDMADE, so it must be good! :P 

Walking the Wires Player
Walking the Wires
A LabVIEW-Themed Jump&Run-Game. Visit Website for more details: www.WalkingTheWires.org
Walking the Wires Online
Walking the Wires ONLINE
A recreation of Walking The Wires using GDevelop. You can play directly in Browser, but it's pure Alpha currently.
Crazy Town
Crazytown Adventures Demo
A Chatbot-Text-Adventure I created using the Landbot.io toolbox.
Crazy Town
Crazytown Adventures Full (Alpha)
Since Landbot.io provided me with a free premium membership for building my games I was able to create an even bigger version. It's still work in progress, but already very fun!

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